3 Reasons Why Permanent Hair Removal is Better for Summer

Summer is coming in a few weeks and you know what this means: time to tame thick, unsightly hair on soon-to-be exposed areas of your body.

Though there are many ways to remove hair from the body, permanent hair removal is still considered as the best remedy. Temporary hair removal may take care of your burden instantly, but it will definitely give you more problems in the future.
3 reasons why you should say “yes” to permanent hair removal

#1 Because it will not cause skin darkening

Unlike plucking or shaving, permanent hair removal procedures like electrolysis will not cause your skin to darken. It will just cause a temporary reddish appearance.

Plucking and shaving will keep hair off your skin instantly, but it will definitely damage the outer layer of your skin which will in turn lead to darkening. When we pull out hair or cut off strands by scraping razors on the outer epidermis, the skin becomes broken or damaged, leading it to swell or redden. If you shave or pluck too frequently and thus subject the damaged skin to another traumatic procedure over and over, the skin thickens. As a result, the surface appearance becomes darker especially on sensitive areas like the armpits.

What’s the use of having hair-free skin if you can’t flaunt it because it’s dark and damaged?

#2 Because it will not roughen up your skin

Shaving, plucking, and waxing will cause the hair strands to get thicker over time. After continuous months of going through these procedures, you’ll notice that your skin will develop stubble which causes chicken-skin like appearance. Do you want to walk around with unsightly, rough skin on summer? We don’t think so.

If you want to be hair-free with smooth skin, then permanent hair removal is your only choice. Getting this procedure regularly for several months without interruption will get you a damaged-free, permanently hair-less result.

#3 Because it won’t prevent you from swimming in Summer

Waxing, plucking, and shaving will leave your skin pores open and exposed so you cannot dip under saltwater for at least a day or two. Otherwise, you’ll get soars all over the treated surface.

On the other hand, permanent hair removal can be done months before summer. Come summer time, your skin is all ready and nothing will prevent you from diving on the blue waters of the coast.

#4 Lastly, because it allows you to stay Permanently hair free.

Instant hair removal will get you hair-less for two to three days but afterwards, you’ll get those unsightly stubbles and thick hair on your body again. Who would want to limit themselves on just a few days of fun?

Rather than have short-lived enjoyment, permanent hair removal allows you to remain hairless forever.This means longer time on the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and wild parties!

Also try transgender hair removal for smooth beach-worthy skin this summer!

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