Electrolysis Hair Removal; Should you do it?

 questions and reasons why you should do electrolysis hair removal NYC

Are there any dangers to electrolysis?

Ms Nancy Star, board certified electrologist in New York, wants  people to be aware that certification to perform electrolysis and hair removal is not required in every state. In New York, for example, anyone can buy a machine on line and perform it.  She stressed the importance of making sure you go to someone wth the title “CPE” attached to his or her name.  She noted “This means they have passed the highest standards on a nation-wide standardized test b the AEA (American Electrology Assocation).”  You can go to their website to find a certified electrologist near you.

Avoid the sun for 72 hours and wearing sunscreen can prevent the formation of brown-pigment spots.  Keeping the area clean and protected will ensure faster and smooth healing time!

The possibility of infection because of the actual process is extremely rare.  Star recommends that people make sure they go to a certified professional electrologist with hygienic practices.  She said electrologists “should use disposable gloves and disposable needles that they throw our after every session.  Reusing can collect bacteria leading to infection.”

Okay… so it sounds perfect!  are there any reasons why I should or shouldn’t get it?

Jaimee, a former NYU student and client of Star, doesn’t regret having electrolysis.  She originally came to NYC from a small town in the Midwest and noticed she was very different fro the girls her age because she had excess facial hair, a mustache.  She confessed, “I felt very insecure and I didn’t know what to do.”  Someone had recommended Nancy Star CPE at Abracadabra electrolysis.  As a client of Star, she noticed a difference almost immediately.  Her confidence increased and she started socializing more.  She also enjoyed the great, supportive relationship she built with Star.  She said “By my sophomore year, I was hair free…I feel so much prettier and much more self assured… I would recommend electrolysis for any young girl who feels insecure (about her body hair)”

What do you think, collegiettes?  Is it something you would try?

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