Electrolysis is Essential Care for Transgender Women

Many transgender women (women who were assigned male at birth) consider electrolysis an important and meaningful part of their transitions. These women grew excessive hair much of their lives, so permanent hair removal stands out as an attractive option. Recently, two of the trans women with whom we have worked discussed their experiences, and we are grateful and proud to provide this critical service for them.

Electrolysis client and astronomer Rebecca Oppenheimer likens coming out as transgender to Pluto’s reclassification. Some people are more accepting than others, and both reflect a greater understanding of the universe and Ms. Oppenheimer’s place in it.

Describing her process of living outwardly female, she explains,

“There is no [internal] change other than a liberation and removal of a carefully held secret (usually originating from the moment of self-consciousness).”

For Rebecca and many other trans women, removing this secret and living authentically require caring professional help. Electrolysis is effective and permanent, and it is a major aspect of their transitions. Permanent hair removal helps align their bodies with their realities, helps them feel happy and secure.

As Sheela-Marie Padgett, another one of our electrolysis clients, discusses in her New York Times feature , living authentically is worth it, no matter your age. Sheela-Marie, who came out as female later in life, considers her transition as essential as eating.

“It was a need and a hunger, and when I saw the solution it was like a truckload of food coming at a starving person.”

Permanent hair removal is a crucial part of this truckload of food. Most trans women spend countless hours shaving their faces, plucking stray hairs, and concealing stubble. Thankfully, the electrolysis treatments we provide relieve them from this tiresome, time-consuming effort.

Despite the challenges of transition, both of these women achieved huge success, and are happy to be free of unwanted hair. We understand the necessity of permanent hair removal for our transgender clients and we feel honored to be a part of these amazing women’s transitions and their lives.

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