Electrolysis versus other types of hair removal treatments

new york electrolysis hair removal treatment in progress
When deciding about the best way to remove unwanted hair from your body, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the area you wish to treat, its size and position; how long it will be effective; the pain involved into each individual process, as well as the number of times you need to endure said pain in order to obtain best results; the price of the treatment multiplied by the number of times you need to do the treatment; and other things that can influence your decision, like skin and hair type, the preparation you need to perform before the treatment as well as the things you need to avoid.
For most of the treatments there are few general rules and each can be differently perceived by different people, and trying them all for the amount of time sufficient to provide testifying results would prove to be too long, too expensive and definitely too painful.
Fortunately, we are here to shine the light on the numerous options available and help you to decide which one suits your needs and possibilities best. We shall look into several different hair removal treatments and discuss them through the aspects that we discussed in the first paragraph.


The only permanent option out of all the hair removal methods. Electrical current inserted with a sterile needle is used to cauterize follicles which eliminates the hair completely. It is done for every follicle separately. The hair is removed in cycles, so the whole process might seem to take pretty long but it results in permanent removal of hair. And it is effective with all kinds of hair and skin types. There is some pain involved and you need 20 to 30 treatments, but once this is done, there will be no more hair on the treated area ever. If you opt for electrolysis, do not take any caffeine before the treatment. And you should make sure that your electrologist is licensed, ensuring you get the results you strive for. They are Certified Professional Electrologist and their names can be found on American Electrology Association wesbite Once again, this is the only treatment that FDA considers to be permanent. Each follicle treated with electrolysis is killed.


The first treatment we will discuss is shaving. It is the most common method of hair removal and it is known to be very quick and cheap. It can work for almost every area, you can do it at home by yourself and it is generally painless, apart from some razor related nicks, but those tend to reduce a lot after gaining some experience, or buying better razors which are still pretty cheap. The blades need to be changed every 3 to 5 shaves, and you will need some kind of cream to soothe your skin and that is it. Shaving is pretty simple, quick and cheap, but it does have some serious downsides. A day or two after the shave you will see some hairs emerging again, and this is the biggest shortcoming. Another problem is that those new hairs every time you shave them off grow back out stronger and thicker, so shaving is most suitable for men and mostly for their faces and definitely not the best choice for ladies.

Chemical Depilatories

When we tell people that chemical depilatories are actually a cream or gel that contains strong chemicals that can dissolve the hair, they tend to get a bit scared. The truth is that this kind of hair removal is fairly safe and that it can be used anywhere except on the eyebrows due to the fact that they are too close to eyes, which are very sensitive. Still, you need to make sure that your skin will not get irritated by the chemicals, so you should test the product first. If this goes well, you are safe to use chemical depilatories. And they are usually fairly cheap ranging from about $5 to $20. Another perk is that, provided there is no unwanted reaction from the skin, this treatment is completely painless. So, what’s the downside? Well, these chemicals are not as effective as one might think. The hair grows back after only a couple of days and treating your skin with chemicals every couple of days may not seem like the best idea.


Vaniqa is a cream that slows the growth of hair, but it is allowed for the face only and it needs help of other methods. It also needs to be prescribed by a doctor and insurance is most likely not to cover it. Still, it is completely painless, pretty effective when it comes to slowing down growth of facial hair and not very expensive. Still it only slows the growth, it does not stop it and it takes weeks to start working. Still, combined with another method of hair removal, this can be useful.


The cotton thread that gets twisted around the skin and pulls the hair out of the follicle. It has many downsides, mostly due to the fact that it works only on small and flat areas of your skin. And there is bound to be some pain involved. The harder the hair the more it hurts, so you might want to use this only on soft hairs. This method is also known to cause ingrown hairs which can be a problem. If you do choose this option, do not take in any caffeine before the treatment. The perk is that the effects of threading can last up to six weeks.


Warm wax that is spread on the area gets pulled off lifting the hairs out as well. It is known to be durable (up to six weeks), but it is also infamous for being very painful. It can be applied anywhere. You should not tan your skin about two days before or after waxing, or make it irritated in any other way. Waxing has been a very popular method for a long time, but it will never prevent the hairs from growing back out, which means that this painful procedure needs to be performed every several weeks. Another thing is that you need to let your hair grow out enough for wax to grab hold of it.


The procedure is the same as waxing, but you use a mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice. This is better than waxing for people whose skin is too sensitive for waxing. Mind you, this method is not very effective with coarse hair, so if this is your problem, you will need to find the other way. It also gives results for three to six weeks, and it does hurt, but definitely less than waxing. Since it works the same way as waxing, you will need to let your hair grow out at least one quarter of an inch.


Beams of light turned to the follicle can significantly reduce the hair. And it can last up to 13 weeks, but you will need five to eight sessions to see significant results in reduction. It can be a bit painful, perhaps like a bee sting, and it is fairly expensive. People who have light skin and dark hair find this very effective, but lasers fail to perform on light, blond, gray and red hair, so people with these types of hair will need to opt for another way. If you do choose laser, you should shave before the treatment, but not pluck hairs or use any lotion (which can be a problem after the necessary shave) and you should avoid the sun for a while after your treatment. Still, the biggest disadvantage is that, even though a bit painful and expensive, laser is still not permanent. If you need a permanent solution, check out the next thing on our list.


Hair removal by electrolysis is the most effective and permanent treatment given that it works with all kinds of hair and skin types. If you are interested in electrolysis hair removal in the New York City area please contact us at (212) 987-6900 or via email at nanseastar@gmail.com.

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