Hair Removal Treatment for Transgenders and the Methods Involve

Hair removal is a common aesthetic treatment for transgenders.

Some undergo this treatment because they want to look more like a woman, while others would consider having this treatment only because they want to look smoother and always at their best.

Because men naturally have thicker amount of hair in the body area, male transgender will need more amount of hair removal treatment compared to women. They will also need a different type of procedure if they want to do away with unwanted hairs permanently. One type of hair removal treatment specifically designed for male transgender is the transgender electrolysis.

The methods

Since 1875, several people would undergo electrolysis to permanently remove unwanted hair. There are several methods for electrolysis and one of them is the galvanic treatment. In this method, the salt in the body is made to react with a lye solution, and will be inserted to a hair follicle through the needle. Once the fluids come in contact, a chemical reaction will occur causing the hair follicle to separate and be destroyed.

In the past, the procedure could go on for a day as each hair follicles need to be treated one by one. However, technology and medical advancement nowadays enable specialists to conduct electrolysis in bulk follicles, thus making the procedure less time consuming. This procedure destroys transgender’s hair.

Aside from galvanic, transgenders can also do another type of electrolysis called thermolysis method. Instead of chemical reaction, this method uses needle to transfer high intensity pulsating energy into the hair follicle which builds heat and thus destroys the hair permanently. First used around 1923, this method is more commonly done for fine hairs and is not ideal for thick, course hairs.

Coarse hairs have larger follicles; consequently, the intensity of the energy should be dramatically increased to destroy the hair roots. Thermolysis method is one of the commonly used methods for permanent hair removal even today.

The last type of transgender electrolysis is the blend method. It combines the first two mentioned above, using both chemical reaction and high intensity energy for killing hair follicles. Even the coarsest hair in the facial area will be effectively destroyed by this method, removing  treated hair.

Few Tips

Keep in mind that with any of these methods, patients will have to undergo several session before achieving the desired zero hair growth.

It is also best to speak with your attending doctor or physician before undergoing any treatment. Be careful in selecting your specialists, as well as the facility for transgender electrolysis.

Many facilities in New York offer permanent hair removal treatment, but not all of them are capable of giving safe hair removal procedures. Make sure that you get treatment only from a reputable and legally licensed facility to avoid health complications and damages.  Since NY state does not have licensing, you must find a board certified electrologist CPE which means they have passed the highest standards for all states.

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