Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

There are two methods of hair removal that are most popular, electrolysis and laser treatment. Although they can remove hair that grows on most areas of the body, the two processes have different methodologies and ultimately lead to different results. Electrolysis hair removal involves insertion of a needle deep into the hair follicle, after which a low level electrical energy pulse is sent to it for destroying it PERMANENTLY. On the other hand, laser hair removal utilizes light beams that are aimed at the hair follicle. The light heats up the hair melanin which burns to makes the hair follicle stop producing hair. Let’s take a look at the following to note the differences between the two methods of hair removal:

Hair Removal through electrolysis

This is a hugely popular method of hair removal for a permanent solution that has been successfully employed for the last 100 years. It is an older method in comparison to laser treatment and is a time-consuming process.

Facts about the process

  • It is the only form of permanent hair removal which is approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The technician electrifies and kills one root and then moves on to another.
  • The process usually takes less than an hour, which can continue for longer periods depending on your hair growth. However, the final result will be satisfying.
  • Unlike laser treatment, it works on every hair color, thickness and skin tone. Even fine white hair or darker skin tones can be treated with electrolysis.
  • It is considered to be a safe, hygienic and effective process of hair removal.

Hair removal through laser treatment

It is yet another popular method of removing unwanted hair from the body. It is performed with a hand-held unit that emits a bright light damaging the hair bulb and follicle.

Facts about the process

  • It is comparatively pain free.
  • Laser hair removal does not work for lighter hair colors.
  • It is an expensive method and can need quite a few sessions.
  • Even though it can lessen the growth of hair by up to 90%, laser treatment is not an absolutely permanent solution. This is where electrolysis is more advantageous when compared to laser technique.
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Electrolysis Hair Removal Benefits

Electrolysis is by far the most effective way of permanent hair removal. It is conducted by sending shock waves to the root of the hair thereby spoiling its chances of growing back. Do not feel scared by the prospect of getting hit by shock waves. The process is less painful than it is made out to be. You may develop minor redness on the skin after electrolysis is done, which would disappear as easily in a couple of days. One important thing you should bear in mind is to get the procedure done by an experienced, professional and licensed individual.

Electrolysis hair removal process has multiple benefits which is why it’s a popular option with people across the globe. If you are wondering what the advantages of electrolysis are, browse through the following points:

  • It is the most efficient form of permanent hair removal

Electrolysis is effective because unlike other treatments, this destroys not only the hair follicle but also the hair growing cells, resulting in a permanent solution to hair growth. Once it is done, you can be rest assured that there would be no hair growth in future, which means you are free from the incessant cycle of shaving, threading, plucking, waxing or undergoing any other hair removal procedure.

  • It is comparatively more affordable than other methods of hair removal

If you are looking at the more enduring results, then electrolysis is definitely way cheaper compared to other treatments like: laser hair removal. You can compare electrolysis vs laser hair removal but electrolysis is the best for permanent hair removal. As the impact is permanent, you would not have to constantly invest in hair removal treatments on a regular basis like the traditional forms of hair removal. You get it done once in your life, and do not need to incur a constant expenditure.

  • This is a more viable option for a range of skin types

Unlike conventional methods, electrolysis can be conducted on any skin color. Therefore, people from various types of skin tones can benefit from the process. Laser hair removal generally is not effective on darker skin colors.

  • It can be done on many areas of your body

Electrolysis can be performed on quite a few areas of your body which includes your face, underarms, upper lip, arms, bikini area, hair line and legs.

  • It saves you a lot of time

Imagine how many hours you have spent getting your legs waxed or your upper lip threaded. Since electrolysis is a permanent process, you do not have to make endless rounds of the beauty salon to get rid of your body hair. Invest some time in the beginning, go for a few sessions and you are sorted for life!


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Hair Removal in New York

New York is the center of the universe. It is not an unrealistic expectation for New Yorkers to expect — and get — the very best. Most do not realize that hair removal is one of the services that live up to the New York is better than the rest expectation. New York salons and companies use top, state of the art equipment operated by highly trained and certified professionals. They use such equipment as Lightage Epicare, the Cynosure Elite and the Cynosure Elite MPX. This equipment is top of the line.

Specialists who oversee hair removal are highly trained and understand the equipment so that clients get the “New York” best results. Clients are assured they will receive optimal treatment that is worth the money.

Another advantage to having hair removal done in New York is that many salons and companies offer guarantees. They can afford guarantees because hair removal specialists are experts in operating and maintaining the equipment. It makes New York hair removal worth the price. You should call around to a handful of salons and compare the best deals, which ones offer guarantees and options that work for you.

New York hair removal companies are up front with you if you have been tanning or sun bathing. Most hair removal salons will instruct you to wait 48 hours before you elect to undergo any treatment. Most treatments take four to six sessions for the best results.

If you are in the New York area and have been contemplating hair removal, now is the time to act. Between the highly qualified hair removal specialists and the very best equipment on the market, you are afforded to better discounts and guarantees. The best practice is to shop around and compare and contrast services, fees and offers New York salons offer that work best for you.

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All about Abracadabra Electrolysis

About Us

Abracadabra Electrolysis provides safe and effective hair removal treatment for men and women. We are located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Nancy Star founded Abracadabra and brings 22 years of electrolysis experience. Abracadabra prides itself on using only sterilized equipment and disposable needles. What sets us apart is extensive after-treatment skin care for clients. Abracadabra Electrolysis is your solution for safe and permanent hair removal. Electrolysis has long been considered the most effective method and has stood the test of time. Our electrologists are the best in the field in New York and we promise excellent results. We conduct electrolysis in a consistently safe, clean and sterile environment, using the latest procedures in electrolysis technology.

Why Electrolysis

Most hair removal methods are temporary, time consuming and, in the end, costly. Waxing and tweezing actually make the problem worse because the hair not only grows back, but also comes back with increased coarseness. Electrolysis is a permanent solution that will save you money and time.

Facial and Eye Treatment

Abracadabra also offers facial treatment for the control of scars and acne. Our Acne and Organic facials last approximately 75 minutes. The Organic facial is completed with natural herbs that help your skin achieve a youthful look. We also offer European and mini facials. Our expert Micro Dermabrasion helps remove dead skin and prevents scars and pigmentation and other skin disorders. This reduces wrinkles from forming. Our Glycolic treatment sloughs away thick corneum and regenerates collagen. Abracadabra Electrolysis is happy to offer eye treatments that will reduce dark circles under the eyes and improve healthy circulation.

Transgender Electrolysis treatment

Abracadabra Electrolysis welcomes transsexuals for permanent hair removal. We specialize in confidential and free consultations. We have several years of experience with the transgender community and understand the special needs with care and empathy. Transgenders have a great need for electrolysis and we apply unique hair removal techniques that are safe and effective. Our transgender clients are happy with a more feminine appearance after facial and body hair removal. Electrolysis for Transgenders is the best solution. Waxing, threading and depilatory creams are temporary and ineffective.

At Abracadabra Electrolysis, they also welcome transsexuals for hair removal when considering a change of sex. They provide confidential and free consultations in this regard. It is quite difficult for transgenders to get such treatment as people need to understand empathize with their situation. There is a great need for electrolysis in such cases. Such unique hair removal issues are dealt with for transgenders and crossdressers. They can create a more feminine appearance by removing facial hair and body hair. This is the best solution. Shaving, waxing, threading and depilatory creams are not recommended. Electrolysis is a permanent and effective solution, whereas shaving and waxing are only temporary ones.

Pre and Post Electrolysis suggestions

Before visiting us, you will be provided with pre-visit products, such as Emla Cream or LMX. All directions for applying this cream prior to the visit will be provided to you. Hair removal can be a bit painful and by providing this solution, we are lessening the pain. You will have to apply the cream before the appointment or you can visit our office and we will assist you while you wait in the waiting room. The number of treatments varies from person to person, but the facility also offers several skin products that can help before, during and after the treatment. We discuss the post-electrolytic treatment with the clients for proper healing and suggest the best skin care products, such as witch hazel and so on. Clients are given individual care that best suits their needs.

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Some suggestions before you follow through on your decision for hair removal in New York

If you’re a New Yorker considering hair removal, you realize you need to do your homework before you actually undergo any treatment. It’s common to discover you have questions that you hadn’t thought of in the past. Here are some suggestions before you follow through on your decision for hair removal in New York.

Regardless of where you’re looking, it is critical to make sure you find out the hair removal specialist has training and certifications. It’s appropriate to ask doctors, dermatologists and hair removal specialists what level of education and completion they hold. Making sure training and experience is in place is going to help you get better results and, more importantly, keep you safe.

After you have narrowed down a group of New York hair removal specialists, it’s time to work the phones and ask pertinent questions. Salons and companies should be forthcoming about how their treatment works and what equipment they use. Ask for the specific make and model of their hair removal system. You will be astounded by the information you can find about hair removal equipment. If the hair removal specialist won’t give you the equipment information, that’s a good sign to keep looking for one who will. The better specialists are transparent about their processes.

The best specialists will be up front when you ask them about their experience. They should be willing to tell you how many clients they have worked with and offer references. Again, if New York hair removal specialists won’t give you this information, consider that a sign to keep looking.

When you’re in the market for a new car. You go to the dealership and you are encouraged to take a test drive. New York hair removal should be no different. Ask the specialist if they are willing to do a test spot on you. It can be in a location that won’t be seen by others. After a test drive, you can make the determination if you think the salon or company will work out. A test drive will give you an idea of the quality of their work before you undergo a complete treatment.

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The biggest hair removal mistakes a transgender individual can make

moisturizing skin after a hair removal treatment
Hair removal is of extreme importance to transgender individuals. Apart from being crucial to your feminine image, having freshly treated skin also provides you with that smooth feeling. Across the entire array of different hair removal methods, you can find many advantages and disadvantages of these diverse processes, but some mistakes are surprisingly common in many of them. These mistakes can cause loads of problems whose solutions can range from another unplanned visit to your beautician, to various unpleasantly looking traces on your skin and even some medical problems. They can be more or less expensive and unpleasant, but any discomfort that could have been easily prevented is definitely something we can do without. Here are these common mistakes. See if you are making any of them and improve your hair removal experience, as well as the result you desire.

Non expert hair removal

Obviously the biggest problem, and the cause to numerous other problems. Professionals know what they are doing, and pretty often they charge for that knowledge and experience. That is why many people may decide to try and deal with unwanted hair on their own. And this is understandable, but it also carries great risks. Rookie mistakes may seem funny to experts, but they usually have fairly unpleasant consequences. There are many you can make, so we shall point out just several that are most common.

Do not pull too hard. It is not very easy to determine what is too hard, or too easy, for that matter. That is why experience is of great importance. It takes practice to make things perfect, but practicing on your own skin  might not be the best idea.

Mind the direction. Pulling hairs in different direction can be very painful and it will definitely not have the effects you crave for. Same goes for waxing the same area more than once. All of these mistakes can lead to bruises, rashes and even torn skin, and that is definitely not something you would want. Fortunately, there is a relatively cheap way of getting the right idea how to do things yourself. Go and get several treatments from the professionals. You can learn a lot just by observing what they do. After that, even rookie mistakes will not have such visible consequences. Another way that is a bit more costly, but immensely more effective is treating your hairs with electrolysis. It does cost a bit, but only once, since electrolysis is the only treatment that is recognized to be permanent. No problems, no rashes and no more unwanted hair ever again.

Another DIY way that might seem a bit more professional is home laser and electrolysis kits, but these have several negative points. First of all, they are expensive, and they can never be as effective as professional systems. There have been some reports of some of them being effective, but paying lots of money and not knowing if something will work is a big risk.

Another way of saving money is having professional treatment, but finding bargains. While this might sound perfect, price is not the only principle you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing your professional. Check his or her qualifications, read the reviews of the place and ask around, or you might be left with scars, burns, patches and still some stray hairs. Finding a reliable professional with good qualifications and satisfying results is of the greatest importance. Also, constantly visiting the same person means that the person will get to know you and treat you more in accordance with your preferences and needs. So spending a bit more money on professional, reliable and less painful method is a good idea.


Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells. Aside from looking better, this is also important because these dead skin cells can hold the hairs under your skin. Every type of hair removal can lead to ingrown hairs. This is especially so in the beard, pubic areas and chest, but exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs. This should be done several times a week, but exfoliating too soon can irritate your skin, so be careful.


Again, moisturizing keeps the skin soft, feminine and healthy, but it also prevents ingrown hairs. Of course, there are many ways of moisturizing, and many products you can use, but choosing pure aloe vera gel moisturizer is the best option to use right after your hair removal treatment. The lotions that are perfumed are known to irritate freshly treated skin, having no difference if it is waxed, shaved or lasered, so they should be avoided at least one day after the treatment.

Ingrown hair treatment

Now that we have learned the importance of exfoliating and moisturizing, we should address the existing problems with ingrown hairs. If you have any, do not shave over them, or pick them with a needle. These can cause scars and even infections, so it would be a better idea to use some ingrown hair treatments.

Hair removal is a complicated process, but having experienced professionals deal with it can actually prove to be a pleasurable experience. Still, we have mentioned some of the things you can do to improve your hair removal experience, ranging from easing the bad effects of every treatment, to permanent hair removal with electrolysis that is really worth every dollar spent.

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Electrolysis versus other types of hair removal treatments

new york electrolysis hair removal treatment in progress
When deciding about the best way to remove unwanted hair from your body, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the area you wish to treat, its size and position; how long it will be effective; the pain involved into each individual process, as well as the number of times you need to endure said pain in order to obtain best results; the price of the treatment multiplied by the number of times you need to do the treatment; and other things that can influence your decision, like skin and hair type, the preparation you need to perform before the treatment as well as the things you need to avoid.
For most of the treatments there are few general rules and each can be differently perceived by different people, and trying them all for the amount of time sufficient to provide testifying results would prove to be too long, too expensive and definitely too painful.
Fortunately, we are here to shine the light on the numerous options available and help you to decide which one suits your needs and possibilities best. We shall look into several different hair removal treatments and discuss them through the aspects that we discussed in the first paragraph.


The only permanent option out of all the hair removal methods. Electrical current inserted with a sterile needle is used to cauterize follicles which eliminates the hair completely. It is done for every follicle separately. The hair is removed in cycles, so the whole process might seem to take pretty long but it results in permanent removal of hair. And it is effective with all kinds of hair and skin types. There is some pain involved and you need 20 to 30 treatments, but once this is done, there will be no more hair on the treated area ever. If you opt for electrolysis, do not take any caffeine before the treatment. And you should make sure that your electrologist is licensed, ensuring you get the results you strive for. They are Certified Professional Electrologist and their names can be found on American Electrology Association wesbite Once again, this is the only treatment that FDA considers to be permanent. Each follicle treated with electrolysis is killed.


The first treatment we will discuss is shaving. It is the most common method of hair removal and it is known to be very quick and cheap. It can work for almost every area, you can do it at home by yourself and it is generally painless, apart from some razor related nicks, but those tend to reduce a lot after gaining some experience, or buying better razors which are still pretty cheap. The blades need to be changed every 3 to 5 shaves, and you will need some kind of cream to soothe your skin and that is it. Shaving is pretty simple, quick and cheap, but it does have some serious downsides. A day or two after the shave you will see some hairs emerging again, and this is the biggest shortcoming. Another problem is that those new hairs every time you shave them off grow back out stronger and thicker, so shaving is most suitable for men and mostly for their faces and definitely not the best choice for ladies.

Chemical Depilatories

When we tell people that chemical depilatories are actually a cream or gel that contains strong chemicals that can dissolve the hair, they tend to get a bit scared. The truth is that this kind of hair removal is fairly safe and that it can be used anywhere except on the eyebrows due to the fact that they are too close to eyes, which are very sensitive. Still, you need to make sure that your skin will not get irritated by the chemicals, so you should test the product first. If this goes well, you are safe to use chemical depilatories. And they are usually fairly cheap ranging from about $5 to $20. Another perk is that, provided there is no unwanted reaction from the skin, this treatment is completely painless. So, what’s the downside? Well, these chemicals are not as effective as one might think. The hair grows back after only a couple of days and treating your skin with chemicals every couple of days may not seem like the best idea.


Vaniqa is a cream that slows the growth of hair, but it is allowed for the face only and it needs help of other methods. It also needs to be prescribed by a doctor and insurance is most likely not to cover it. Still, it is completely painless, pretty effective when it comes to slowing down growth of facial hair and not very expensive. Still it only slows the growth, it does not stop it and it takes weeks to start working. Still, combined with another method of hair removal, this can be useful.


The cotton thread that gets twisted around the skin and pulls the hair out of the follicle. It has many downsides, mostly due to the fact that it works only on small and flat areas of your skin. And there is bound to be some pain involved. The harder the hair the more it hurts, so you might want to use this only on soft hairs. This method is also known to cause ingrown hairs which can be a problem. If you do choose this option, do not take in any caffeine before the treatment. The perk is that the effects of threading can last up to six weeks.


Warm wax that is spread on the area gets pulled off lifting the hairs out as well. It is known to be durable (up to six weeks), but it is also infamous for being very painful. It can be applied anywhere. You should not tan your skin about two days before or after waxing, or make it irritated in any other way. Waxing has been a very popular method for a long time, but it will never prevent the hairs from growing back out, which means that this painful procedure needs to be performed every several weeks. Another thing is that you need to let your hair grow out enough for wax to grab hold of it.


The procedure is the same as waxing, but you use a mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice. This is better than waxing for people whose skin is too sensitive for waxing. Mind you, this method is not very effective with coarse hair, so if this is your problem, you will need to find the other way. It also gives results for three to six weeks, and it does hurt, but definitely less than waxing. Since it works the same way as waxing, you will need to let your hair grow out at least one quarter of an inch.


Beams of light turned to the follicle can significantly reduce the hair. And it can last up to 13 weeks, but you will need five to eight sessions to see significant results in reduction. It can be a bit painful, perhaps like a bee sting, and it is fairly expensive. People who have light skin and dark hair find this very effective, but lasers fail to perform on light, blond, gray and red hair, so people with these types of hair will need to opt for another way. If you do choose laser, you should shave before the treatment, but not pluck hairs or use any lotion (which can be a problem after the necessary shave) and you should avoid the sun for a while after your treatment. Still, the biggest disadvantage is that, even though a bit painful and expensive, laser is still not permanent. If you need a permanent solution, check out the next thing on our list.


Hair removal by electrolysis is the most effective and permanent treatment given that it works with all kinds of hair and skin types. If you are interested in electrolysis hair removal in the New York City area please contact us at (212) 987-6900 or via email at nanseastar@gmail.com.

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3 Reasons Why Permanent Hair Removal is Better for Summer

Summer is coming in a few weeks and you know what this means: time to tame thick, unsightly hair on soon-to-be exposed areas of your body.

Though there are many ways to remove hair from the body, permanent hair removal is still considered as the best remedy. Temporary hair removal may take care of your burden instantly, but it will definitely give you more problems in the future.
3 reasons why you should say “yes” to permanent hair removal

#1 Because it will not cause skin darkening

Unlike plucking or shaving, permanent hair removal procedures like electrolysis will not cause your skin to darken. It will just cause a temporary reddish appearance.

Plucking and shaving will keep hair off your skin instantly, but it will definitely damage the outer layer of your skin which will in turn lead to darkening. When we pull out hair or cut off strands by scraping razors on the outer epidermis, the skin becomes broken or damaged, leading it to swell or redden. If you shave or pluck too frequently and thus subject the damaged skin to another traumatic procedure over and over, the skin thickens. As a result, the surface appearance becomes darker especially on sensitive areas like the armpits.

What’s the use of having hair-free skin if you can’t flaunt it because it’s dark and damaged?

#2 Because it will not roughen up your skin

Shaving, plucking, and waxing will cause the hair strands to get thicker over time. After continuous months of going through these procedures, you’ll notice that your skin will develop stubble which causes chicken-skin like appearance. Do you want to walk around with unsightly, rough skin on summer? We don’t think so.

If you want to be hair-free with smooth skin, then permanent hair removal is your only choice. Getting this procedure regularly for several months without interruption will get you a damaged-free, permanently hair-less result.

#3 Because it won’t prevent you from swimming in Summer

Waxing, plucking, and shaving will leave your skin pores open and exposed so you cannot dip under saltwater for at least a day or two. Otherwise, you’ll get soars all over the treated surface.

On the other hand, permanent hair removal can be done months before summer. Come summer time, your skin is all ready and nothing will prevent you from diving on the blue waters of the coast.

#4 Lastly, because it allows you to stay Permanently hair free.

Instant hair removal will get you hair-less for two to three days but afterwards, you’ll get those unsightly stubbles and thick hair on your body again. Who would want to limit themselves on just a few days of fun?

Rather than have short-lived enjoyment, permanent hair removal allows you to remain hairless forever.This means longer time on the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and wild parties!

Also try transgender hair removal for smooth beach-worthy skin this summer!

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Permanent Hair Removal for a Summer Beach Body

Electrolysis and hair removal procedures available in New York for summer

Summer’s on. Have you made the necessary preparation for a wonderful beach body that rocks?

Aside from toning your abs, there’s one more important thing that you shouldn’t miss before hitting the beach: unwanted hairs in the armpit and bikini area.

Taking care of unsightly hairs for summer

Skimpy outfits that almost bare everything is the trend during summer. As such, it is important to remove unsightly hairs dangling from directly visible areas such as the armpits, legs, and the bikini area.

There are several ways to solve hairy problems.

First is through conventional methods such as plucking, shaving, and even waxing. Though these can provide instant results, these techniques will just give you temporary results and definitely cause a lot of pain (especially in the bikini area). You have to repeat the process if you want to return and hit the beach every two days, and ergo suffer incredible amount of pain again and again.

If you don’t want pain but want instant results, you can try using depilatory creams instead. Depilatory creams are cosmetic products used for removing hair from the surface of the human body. It contains active ingredients that breaks down and destroys the structure of hair strands, thereby causing it to fall easily once scraped off.

However, it is not highly advisable to try out depilatory creams by yourself because some people might have adverse reactions to these cosmetic creams. It also brings off a foul smell and leaves visible dark spots on problem areas for dark-haired users.

If you have time, you should resort to the last method which provides cost-effective, longer-lasting results. Try permanent hair removal treatments like electrolysis.

Learn what people say about our treatments for hair removal in Upper East Side.

Electrolysis & Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a procedure that can provide lasting results for every individual regardless of hair or skin color.  Electrolysis is done one hair follicle at a time.

Moreover, electrolysis are highly advisable for summer treatment because it can kill out thick and coarse hairs in the armpit and pubic or bikini area.

Transgenders electrolysis is also available for transgenders looking to remove thick, unwanted hairs in their chest, back, legs, arms and beard area.

Need permanent hair removal treatment in NYC? Call us to know more about this service. Abracadabra Electrolysis office is conveniently located at Upper East Side, Manhattan. 917 750 3440

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Pre-treatment Must for Permanent Hair Removal

pretreatment care for electrolysis and hair removal


Permanent hair removal is a popular treatment in New York. Women, men and transgenders alike can be seen frequenting facilities to have their unwanted hairs removed.

Ask a Board Certified Electrologist today!

Whatever treatment you choose, it is essential to know the pre- and post-care treatments needed for permanent hair removal so as to avoid any complications. After all, it is better to avoid future problems.

Here are five things you should observe prior to receiving permanent hair removal treatments.

Must-do’s before permanent hair removal

Conduct a Patch Test

You should undergo a patch test a day or two before your treatment. This is important to ensure that you don’t have adverse reaction to the treatment, especially if you are going to be applied with light topical anesthetics.

Avoid Tanning

Applying tanning creams or going to tanning beds are contradictory procedures for hair removal. You should refrain from exposing the area that you want to get treated from the sun at least a month before your scheduled treatment. Otherwise, you might experience inconvenient results such as blistering and hypopigmentation (appearance of white spots).

Waxing and sunbathing are taboos as well.

Watch your Diet

Your electrologist would ask you about your regular food consumption, as well as your medications, and provide you with a detail advice for your pre-treatment diet. Foods with high beta-carotene content are usually forbidden as they cause your skin to absorb more light. Overdose of iron should be avoided as well, because high iron intake can lead to skin darkening.

Don’t Use Deodorants

Applying antiperspirants and lotions to the skin area before and after your treatment is highly discouraged. Remember that your skin will be exposed to intense light, and putting on chemicals on your skin can cause irreparable damages.

Remember to consult with a qualified Electrologist before and after receiving permanent hair removal procedure in New York. They will give you detailed advice and helpful tips on what you must do to ensure positive results for your treatment.

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