Electrolysis Hair Removal; Should you do it?

 questions and reasons why you should do electrolysis hair removal NYC

Are there any dangers to electrolysis?

Ms Nancy Star, board certified electrologist in New York, wants  people to be aware that certification to perform electrolysis and hair removal is not required in every state. In New York, for example, anyone can buy a machine on line and perform it.  She stressed the importance of making sure you go to someone wth the title “CPE” attached to his or her name.  She noted “This means they have passed the highest standards on a nation-wide standardized test b the AEA (American Electrology Assocation).”  You can go to their website to find a certified electrologist near you.

Avoid the sun for 72 hours and wearing sunscreen can prevent the formation of brown-pigment spots.  Keeping the area clean and protected will ensure faster and smooth healing time!

The possibility of infection because of the actual process is extremely rare.  Star recommends that people make sure they go to a certified professional electrologist with hygienic practices.  She said electrologists “should use disposable gloves and disposable needles that they throw our after every session.  Reusing can collect bacteria leading to infection.”

Okay… so it sounds perfect!  are there any reasons why I should or shouldn’t get it?

Jaimee, a former NYU student and client of Star, doesn’t regret having electrolysis.  She originally came to NYC from a small town in the Midwest and noticed she was very different fro the girls her age because she had excess facial hair, a mustache.  She confessed, “I felt very insecure and I didn’t know what to do.”  Someone had recommended Nancy Star CPE at Abracadabra electrolysis.  As a client of Star, she noticed a difference almost immediately.  Her confidence increased and she started socializing more.  She also enjoyed the great, supportive relationship she built with Star.  She said “By my sophomore year, I was hair free…I feel so much prettier and much more self assured… I would recommend electrolysis for any young girl who feels insecure (about her body hair)”

What do you think, collegiettes?  Is it something you would try?

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How to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

permanent hair removal nyc Don’t you sometimes wish you could just make hair in a certain places disappear forever?  Removing unwanted hair for the sake of a clean look and radiantly smooth skin can be such a hassle!  It’s a frustrating feeling to see hairs growing back quicker than we thought or having to take more time than we want to tweeze our eyebrows to perfection.

Electrolysis, which is the only method of permanent hair removal, just might be the answer to your wish.

Her Campus has the lowdown for you on exactly on what the process is and what you should know before deciding whether or not it’s right for you!

Kinds of Electrolysis

Nancy Star CPE owner and professional electrologist at Abracadabra Electrolysis said that there are three kinds of electrolysis used dependent upon the hair type of the patient.

1.  Galvanic

2.  Short-wave/Therrmolysis

3.  Blend: Combination of Galvanic and Blend

Star noted that the kind of electrolysis and hair removal you should get is dependent upon the kind of hair you have in the area from which you wish to get it removed.  Star noted that Galvanic has been particularly effective for treating areas with curly or kinky hair while shortwave/thermolysis seems to work better with straight hair.

What does it feel like?  Does it hurt?

It’s different for everyone, depending upon the individual’s pain threshold and what area is being treated.  For example, the lips are generally a more sensitive area.  “It feels a little bit like tweezing a hair maybe a little bit more pain than a small prick.”

Most centers have different tricks they use to help clients deal with the discomfort if any.  Anything from the settings of the machine to numbing creams.  Generally, the power and duration of the electricity are initially put at the lowest setting and then increased until the hair comes out easily.  If the client expresses discomfort, the setting can be lowered.  During your appointments prior to treatment your electrologist might also recommend creams such as Emla Cream or LMX, which are usually applied 1-2 hours prior to treatment appointment to help numb the area being treated.

What Areas Can it Remove Hair From?

Popular areas include the face (upper lip/sideburns/chin/eyebrows), armpits, bikini line, legs, back and abdomen.

What about laser hair removal?  Isn’t that permanent too?  What’s the difference?

The advantages of electrolysis over laser treatment is that laser is only approved for permanent laser hair reduction not removal, because while it works for some people, it doesn’t for others.  With laser, the larger the difference in color from your skin to the hair, the more effective it is.  It’s not as effective when the hair color resembles the skin.  This isn’t the case with electrolysis which is equally effective on all skin and hair combinations.  It can also be used to treat mole hair ingrown hairs and to shape eyebrows-something that’s either impossible or too difficult to do with laser.

Abracadabra Electrolysis is one of the best facilities that offer permanent hair removal in New York. Call them at (212) 987-6900 to learn more about their services. 

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What You Should Know About Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal is a widely known process even in the past. Both men and women practice hair removal for its aesthetic value: they pluck, shave, or wax unwanted hair as it reveals the skin, making the person look and feel smoother.

However, people are discontented with the conventional hair removing processes because their effects are only temporary; the hair would grow back sooner. People want something that can give them permanent solution, which paved the way for the development of electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Hair Removal Treatments

Electrolysis and laser treatment are two processes which permanently eliminates unwanted hair from human skin surfaces. Though they have a common goal, they differ in procedure and degree of effect.

The first one has been around since 1800; but electrolysis in the past was time consuming. In its early years the procedure can only be done one hair strand at a time, with each hair costing the surgeon about two to three minutes. Imagine how long the patient has to suffer, considering that the process was still ill-developed and too painful back in those days.

It took several years before the treatment was refined to become what it is today. Now, there are different variations of electrolysis procedure and most of them can show permanent hair removal result of about 80% when done properly. The process can be completed within a few hours depending on the treatment chosen and the person’s hair volume.  Unlike before, the treatment is no longer painful and can be done for up to twelve hair strands at a time.

Laser hair removal, the other hair removal procedure, is more expensive compared to electrolysis.  Although the process offers 90% result, it leaves more swelling and redness on the skin surface because it uses intense heat.

Choosing the right procedure

Keep in mind that there is no absolute hair removal treatment for everyone.  A specific treatment may be right for one person, but may prove to be insufficient for another. For example, a person with fine hair texture and smaller hair volume will much likely need a lighter type of treatment compared to someone with thick-textured hair.  The type and number of electrolysis and hair removal treatment will vary depending on the person’s hair type, hair volume, skin type (such as tone and sensitivity), and budget.

Hair removal is a delicate process.  It causes the skin to break, which in turn causes the pores to weep. Because the skin pores are open, bacteria and other pollutants can permeate the broken skin easily which can lead to infection and scarring.

That’s why it is very important for people to receive electrolysis or laser treatment only from reputable facilities. Although a lot of facilities offer permanent hair removal in New York, there are only a handful of qualified professionals that can deliver safe hair removal treatments.

Make sure to find a Board Certified Electrologist (CPE) as they are the only qualified people to do hair removal procedures.

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Transgender Electrolysis in New York


Transgender electrolysis in New York

Shaving, waxing, and plucking – these are the conventional DIY hair removing techniques at home for many people. However, many people are turning away from these techniques as they are frustrating and ineffective especially for the transgenders. They do not work well for removing coarse facial hair like the beard, is time consuming, and also have adverse effects on skin like darkening (caused by constant shaving and plucking) and scarring.

Transgender Electrolysis

Transgender hair removal would need more than just shaving and plucking.

Because the effect is that of permanent hair loss, hair removal procedures can cause light stinging sensations especially in highly delicate areas where nerves and blood vessels are concentrated or shallow like that of the inner thigh, chest, and pubic areas.

During transgender electrolysis, electro shock will be sent through each hair, separating each one from its own root. It will take some time before the procedure will be completed as each hair will need to be destroyed one by one. Depending on hair volume, it might take several hours or even a whole day.

Choosing your Specialist

A lot of clinics and specialists provide these hair removal treatment for transgenders in New York. But before undergoing any treatment, it is important to ascertain the credibility of the specialist and their facility first. Make sure that they comply with the safety standards, and are legally registered to conduct such procedures.

It is also best to check on their past patients to make sure that they provide quality service. Nowadays, it is just easy to look for client testimonials on the Internet. In NYC, be sure to use a CPE (certified professional electrolysis).

Call us now to know more about permanent hair removal in New York.

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Permanent Hair Removal in New York

Hair removal is a widely practiced aesthetic treatment for both men and women. In fact, it is so popular in New York that you will not need to break a sweat in finding a Hair Removing Treatment facility around your block.

The real challenge, however, is to look for the right specialist who has the right credentials and can do the right treatment for you properly.


Choosing the Right Facility in New York

Although there are numerous facilities for permanent hair removal in in New York, not all of them has the competence or knowledge to do the treatment that you need. There are specialists who only operate on select hair removal method, and sometimes their methods wouldn’t suit your needs. And there are facilities that don’t have the right people and instruments to conduct the treatment, let alone pass the safety requirements needed for an Hair Removal Treatment facility.

It is important that you choose the right specialists and facilities for your treatment. Even though hair removal treatment is common, many complications can arise if the procedure is not carried on properly. You need to check on your specialist’s credentials, their past records, and the treatment that they do as well as their facility’s business permit, accreditation, and cost among other things.

Since New York state does not have licensing for Hair removal treatment yet, you must find a Board Certified Electrologist CPE. You can be sure that your treatment will generate positive results because these people have passed the highest standards for all states.

Your Hair Removal Treatment

Individuals are different and so the kind of treatment they will need would most likely differ.   For instance, women in general have finer hair texture and less hair volume so some Hair Removal Treatment methods can work well for them but not for men. Transgender hair removal would most likely involve procedures with more intense application because men’s hair is thicker. Skin type and skin tone are also important indicators of the type of hair removal treatment you will need.

Electrolysis is a hair removal process wherein a highly concentrated energy is inserted with into the hair follicle through a needle.  The energy heats up the root of the hair and causes the follicle to destroy its self, thus permanently preventing hair growth from that area. This procedure normally works best for fine-textured, shallowly embedded hairs but will also be applicable for coarse hairs like those of the beard.

The usual skin areas subject to permanent hair removal procedures are the legs, underarm, face, back and pubic area. 

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Hair Removal Treatment for Transgenders and the Methods Involve

Hair removal is a common aesthetic treatment for transgenders.

Some undergo this treatment because they want to look more like a woman, while others would consider having this treatment only because they want to look smoother and always at their best.

Because men naturally have thicker amount of hair in the body area, male transgender will need more amount of hair removal treatment compared to women. They will also need a different type of procedure if they want to do away with unwanted hairs permanently. One type of hair removal treatment specifically designed for male transgender is the transgender electrolysis.

The methods

Since 1875, several people would undergo electrolysis to permanently remove unwanted hair. There are several methods for electrolysis and one of them is the galvanic treatment. In this method, the salt in the body is made to react with a lye solution, and will be inserted to a hair follicle through the needle. Once the fluids come in contact, a chemical reaction will occur causing the hair follicle to separate and be destroyed.

In the past, the procedure could go on for a day as each hair follicles need to be treated one by one. However, technology and medical advancement nowadays enable specialists to conduct electrolysis in bulk follicles, thus making the procedure less time consuming. This procedure destroys transgender’s hair.

Aside from galvanic, transgenders can also do another type of electrolysis called thermolysis method. Instead of chemical reaction, this method uses needle to transfer high intensity pulsating energy into the hair follicle which builds heat and thus destroys the hair permanently. First used around 1923, this method is more commonly done for fine hairs and is not ideal for thick, course hairs.

Coarse hairs have larger follicles; consequently, the intensity of the energy should be dramatically increased to destroy the hair roots. Thermolysis method is one of the commonly used methods for permanent hair removal even today.

The last type of transgender electrolysis is the blend method. It combines the first two mentioned above, using both chemical reaction and high intensity energy for killing hair follicles. Even the coarsest hair in the facial area will be effectively destroyed by this method, removing  treated hair.

Few Tips

Keep in mind that with any of these methods, patients will have to undergo several session before achieving the desired zero hair growth.

It is also best to speak with your attending doctor or physician before undergoing any treatment. Be careful in selecting your specialists, as well as the facility for transgender electrolysis.

Many facilities in New York offer permanent hair removal treatment, but not all of them are capable of giving safe hair removal procedures. Make sure that you get treatment only from a reputable and legally licensed facility to avoid health complications and damages.  Since NY state does not have licensing, you must find a board certified electrologist CPE which means they have passed the highest standards for all states.

Call us to know more about this service.

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