Pamper Your Skin This Summer

Signs of spring are emerging all over New York City, ranging from leaf and flower buds emerging from tree limbs, to longer daylight hours with more intense midday sun. Soon, New York natives will start streaming to the parks and shores in search of the sunshine and perfect tan that have been so elusive for months.

As you worship the sun, do yourself a favor and protect your skin from the most damaging effects its rays can have on your body.

By now, you know that we advocate electrolysis treatments as the best way to remove unwanted hair in a safe, effective, and permanent manner. Shaving unwanted hair is seems easy, but it needs to be repeated often and takes a toll by scraping away skin layers along with the hair. Waxes, on the other hand, can be an especially painful way to remove hair, even beyond the need to repeat the process often.

But no matter what method you use, or what stage you may be in during your permanent hair removal process, it is very important for you to pamper your skin and minimize permanent damage from the sun.

Courtesy of The International Dermal Institute, here are their top six tips for maintaining your skin during summer sun:

1. Exfoliate your skin every morning to remove the dead cells that look dull and can clog the pores your skin needs to breathe and recharge.

2. Keep your skin hydrated by using intensive masque facial treatments when time permits, and spray toners as a quick refresher when time or location require a more discrete approach.

3. Drink water. The higher temperatures and activity levels of summer drains your body of this vital nutrient. Medical authorities recommend that you drink at least two quarts (eight glasses) of water daily; more if you also consume caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.

4. Apply sunscreen – multiple times. Despite marketing claims, sunscreen does wash off in water or as you sweat, and loses effectiveness even if you don’t swim or perspire. It is best to apply sunscreen liberally to all exposed areas every two hours.

5. If you are unfortunate enough to endure a sunburn, even a mild one, go into immediate damage control. Even mild burns can increase your chances of skin cancer, and will definitely accelerate your skin’s aging process. Apply cooling gels and arrange glycolic facial treatments for the affected area to both reduce damage and obtain some relief from the pain.

6. Repair and treat sun damage with moisturizers. Even if you love your tan today, your skin will pay for it years down the road.

Finally, as we head into another New York City summer, remember that now is the time to start the process of electrolysis hair removal to attain the body image you want, and to free your spare time from the annoyance of repetitive grooming, shaving, or waxing. We know you will be thrilled with the results. Call us at 212-987-6900 today for a free, no-obligation consultation can help you look and feel better.

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