Permanent Hair Removal in New York

Hair removal is a widely practiced aesthetic treatment for both men and women. In fact, it is so popular in New York that you will not need to break a sweat in finding a Hair Removing Treatment facility around your block.

The real challenge, however, is to look for the right specialist who has the right credentials and can do the right treatment for you properly.


Choosing the Right Facility in New York

Although there are numerous facilities for permanent hair removal in in New York, not all of them has the competence or knowledge to do the treatment that you need. There are specialists who only operate on select hair removal method, and sometimes their methods wouldn’t suit your needs. And there are facilities that don’t have the right people and instruments to conduct the treatment, let alone pass the safety requirements needed for an Hair Removal Treatment facility.

It is important that you choose the right specialists and facilities for your treatment. Even though hair removal treatment is common, many complications can arise if the procedure is not carried on properly. You need to check on your specialist’s credentials, their past records, and the treatment that they do as well as their facility’s business permit, accreditation, and cost among other things.

Since New York state does not have licensing for Hair removal treatment yet, you must find a Board Certified Electrologist CPE. You can be sure that your treatment will generate positive results because these people have passed the highest standards for all states.

Your Hair Removal Treatment

Individuals are different and so the kind of treatment they will need would most likely differ.   For instance, women in general have finer hair texture and less hair volume so some Hair Removal Treatment methods can work well for them but not for men. Transgender hair removal would most likely involve procedures with more intense application because men’s hair is thicker. Skin type and skin tone are also important indicators of the type of hair removal treatment you will need.

Electrolysis is a hair removal process wherein a highly concentrated energy is inserted with into the hair follicle through a needle.  The energy heats up the root of the hair and causes the follicle to destroy its self, thus permanently preventing hair growth from that area. This procedure normally works best for fine-textured, shallowly embedded hairs but will also be applicable for coarse hairs like those of the beard.

The usual skin areas subject to permanent hair removal procedures are the legs, underarm, face, back and pubic area. 

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