Pre-treatment Must for Permanent Hair Removal

pretreatment care for electrolysis and hair removal


Permanent hair removal is a popular treatment in New York. Women, men and transgenders alike can be seen frequenting facilities to have their unwanted hairs removed.

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Whatever treatment you choose, it is essential to know the pre- and post-care treatments needed for permanent hair removal so as to avoid any complications. After all, it is better to avoid future problems.

Here are five things you should observe prior to receiving permanent hair removal treatments.

Must-do’s before permanent hair removal

Conduct a Patch Test

You should undergo a patch test a day or two before your treatment. This is important to ensure that you don’t have adverse reaction to the treatment, especially if you are going to be applied with light topical anesthetics.

Avoid Tanning

Applying tanning creams or going to tanning beds are contradictory procedures for hair removal. You should refrain from exposing the area that you want to get treated from the sun at least a month before your scheduled treatment. Otherwise, you might experience inconvenient results such as blistering and hypopigmentation (appearance of white spots).

Waxing and sunbathing are taboos as well.

Watch your Diet

Your electrologist would ask you about your regular food consumption, as well as your medications, and provide you with a detail advice for your pre-treatment diet. Foods with high beta-carotene content are usually forbidden as they cause your skin to absorb more light. Overdose of iron should be avoided as well, because high iron intake can lead to skin darkening.

Don’t Use Deodorants

Applying antiperspirants and lotions to the skin area before and after your treatment is highly discouraged. Remember that your skin will be exposed to intense light, and putting on chemicals on your skin can cause irreparable damages.

Remember to consult with a qualified Electrologist before and after receiving permanent hair removal procedure in New York. They will give you detailed advice and helpful tips on what you must do to ensure positive results for your treatment.

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