The biggest hair removal mistakes a transgender individual can make

moisturizing skin after a hair removal treatment
Hair removal is of extreme importance to transgender individuals. Apart from being crucial to your feminine image, having freshly treated skin also provides you with that smooth feeling. Across the entire array of different hair removal methods, you can find many advantages and disadvantages of these diverse processes, but some mistakes are surprisingly common in many of them. These mistakes can cause loads of problems whose solutions can range from another unplanned visit to your beautician, to various unpleasantly looking traces on your skin and even some medical problems. They can be more or less expensive and unpleasant, but any discomfort that could have been easily prevented is definitely something we can do without. Here are these common mistakes. See if you are making any of them and improve your hair removal experience, as well as the result you desire.

Non expert hair removal

Obviously the biggest problem, and the cause to numerous other problems. Professionals know what they are doing, and pretty often they charge for that knowledge and experience. That is why many people may decide to try and deal with unwanted hair on their own. And this is understandable, but it also carries great risks. Rookie mistakes may seem funny to experts, but they usually have fairly unpleasant consequences. There are many you can make, so we shall point out just several that are most common.

Do not pull too hard. It is not very easy to determine what is too hard, or too easy, for that matter. That is why experience is of great importance. It takes practice to make things perfect, but practicing on your own skin  might not be the best idea.

Mind the direction. Pulling hairs in different direction can be very painful and it will definitely not have the effects you crave for. Same goes for waxing the same area more than once. All of these mistakes can lead to bruises, rashes and even torn skin, and that is definitely not something you would want. Fortunately, there is a relatively cheap way of getting the right idea how to do things yourself. Go and get several treatments from the professionals. You can learn a lot just by observing what they do. After that, even rookie mistakes will not have such visible consequences. Another way that is a bit more costly, but immensely more effective is treating your hairs with electrolysis. It does cost a bit, but only once, since electrolysis is the only treatment that is recognized to be permanent. No problems, no rashes and no more unwanted hair ever again.

Another DIY way that might seem a bit more professional is home laser and electrolysis kits, but these have several negative points. First of all, they are expensive, and they can never be as effective as professional systems. There have been some reports of some of them being effective, but paying lots of money and not knowing if something will work is a big risk.

Another way of saving money is having professional treatment, but finding bargains. While this might sound perfect, price is not the only principle you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing your professional. Check his or her qualifications, read the reviews of the place and ask around, or you might be left with scars, burns, patches and still some stray hairs. Finding a reliable professional with good qualifications and satisfying results is of the greatest importance. Also, constantly visiting the same person means that the person will get to know you and treat you more in accordance with your preferences and needs. So spending a bit more money on professional, reliable and less painful method is a good idea.


Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells. Aside from looking better, this is also important because these dead skin cells can hold the hairs under your skin. Every type of hair removal can lead to ingrown hairs. This is especially so in the beard, pubic areas and chest, but exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs. This should be done several times a week, but exfoliating too soon can irritate your skin, so be careful.


Again, moisturizing keeps the skin soft, feminine and healthy, but it also prevents ingrown hairs. Of course, there are many ways of moisturizing, and many products you can use, but choosing pure aloe vera gel moisturizer is the best option to use right after your hair removal treatment. The lotions that are perfumed are known to irritate freshly treated skin, having no difference if it is waxed, shaved or lasered, so they should be avoided at least one day after the treatment.

Ingrown hair treatment

Now that we have learned the importance of exfoliating and moisturizing, we should address the existing problems with ingrown hairs. If you have any, do not shave over them, or pick them with a needle. These can cause scars and even infections, so it would be a better idea to use some ingrown hair treatments.

Hair removal is a complicated process, but having experienced professionals deal with it can actually prove to be a pleasurable experience. Still, we have mentioned some of the things you can do to improve your hair removal experience, ranging from easing the bad effects of every treatment, to permanent hair removal with electrolysis that is really worth every dollar spent.

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