Transgender Electrolysis in New York


Transgender electrolysis in New York

Shaving, waxing, and plucking – these are the conventional DIY hair removing techniques at home for many people. However, many people are turning away from these techniques as they are frustrating and ineffective especially for the transgenders. They do not work well for removing coarse facial hair like the beard, is time consuming, and also have adverse effects on skin like darkening (caused by constant shaving and plucking) and scarring.

Transgender Electrolysis

Transgender hair removal would need more than just shaving and plucking.

Because the effect is that of permanent hair loss, hair removal procedures can cause light stinging sensations especially in highly delicate areas where nerves and blood vessels are concentrated or shallow like that of the inner thigh, chest, and pubic areas.

During transgender electrolysis, electro shock will be sent through each hair, separating each one from its own root. It will take some time before the procedure will be completed as each hair will need to be destroyed one by one. Depending on hair volume, it might take several hours or even a whole day.

Choosing your Specialist

A lot of clinics and specialists provide these hair removal treatment for transgenders in New York. But before undergoing any treatment, it is important to ascertain the credibility of the specialist and their facility first. Make sure that they comply with the safety standards, and are legally registered to conduct such procedures.

It is also best to check on their past patients to make sure that they provide quality service. Nowadays, it is just easy to look for client testimonials on the Internet. In NYC, be sure to use a CPE (certified professional electrolysis).

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