New Yorkers Don’t Have to Live With Unwanted Gray Hair

Are you a New Yorker with unwanted grey hairs sprouting on your face or body? After years of plucking, shaving, waxing, or epilating those hairs away, you may be ready for a permanent solution. While you could continue to wax unwanted facial hair and body hair, that option becomes less attractive with age. Not only does the waxing take time and money to maintain, it is also hard on skin as it becomes thinner over time. And if the wiry gray hairs don’t come completely out, or if the root is trapped below the surface, you could develop ingrown hairs, too. Shaving and plucking require more frequent maintenance, and the same risks apply—ingrown hairs, cuts, chances for infection.

Perhaps you are thinking that the magical cure is hair removal creams. However, those products can be extremely harsh on delicate skin. If you must go this route, use the product for the least amount of time possible to temporarily remove your hair. Home  epilation devices also have their own set of problems. While they can remove unwanted hair, they aren’t for everyone, and it is possible to get skin caught in between the rotating disks the devices rely on. This can be particularly problematic for delicate, thinner skin.

With the issues associated with temporary hair removal, it is understandable that some New Yorkers would look for a permanent solution for their unwanted hair. If you have done searches for “permanent hair removal”, you saw results suggesting both laser hair removal and electrolysis. When considering your options, you should be aware that laser hair removal is only permanent hair reduction. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanently removing hair.

In addition, even if you feel that you could perhaps live with a mere reduction of your unwanted hair, you might soon become frustrated while reading the fine print. Laser hair removal does not work very well on grey hair. That leaves only one option for permanently removing unwanted gray hair—electrolysis. We can help. Abracadabra Electrolysis is particularly convenient for residents of Manhattan and the Upper East Side.

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