Transgender Hair Removal

We also offer our services for Transgenders or TS clients. If you are thinking of making a sex change, you can choose from several options of hair removal. We provide a completely safe and confidential consultation and, what’s more, our consultations for TS clients are absolutely free.

We have a great deal of experience with Transgenders and understand their situation. The transgender world requires such treatment to a great extent. They have special and specific issues of hair removal. They also need to remove facial hair, as beards can prove to be a major problem. Shaving is not a viable option, as it only leaves behind stubble as well as a shadow on the skin. It is not also advisable to use depilatory creams. These can cause harm to the skin. Other measures, such as waxing and threading do not also offer a permanent solution and are not recommended. Transgenders are in need of applying facial makeup and facial hair will prove to be a big hurdle towards accomplishing this. Transgenders need to create a feminine appearance and the basic requirement is the elimination of facial hair. They will also need full body hair removal.

Removing Hair from all over the body

We can safely remove hair from all over the body for transgenders. They are first removed from the chin and the upper lip and once the person is comfortable with the treatment, we remove it in other areas, such as cheeks, sideburns, neck, underarms, leg, back, shoulders, chest, beard and so on.

Make sure to select a Board Certified electrologist to ensure that you are dealing with someone who takes pride in the professional responsibilities. As professionals we are aware of what you are trying to accomplish and how electrolysis fits into your process. We will respect you, your choice and of course your PRIVACY.

Incorporating HRT with Board Certified electrologists

At Abracadabra Electrolysis, we offer electrologists who are Board certified and the TS clients can rest assured that they are in safe and confidential hands. Our electrologists take great pride in their profession and are aware of the complete need for privacy and confidentiality in such cases. Hair removal treatment is an important part of the procedure for male transgenders. The testosterone is the hormone present in males, whereas the dominant hormone in women is estrogen.

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